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the director

Wessel Swart


West Black (a.k.a. Wessel Swart ) was born in Pretoria, South Africa.
He grew up together with a brother, three sisters and among a lot of Playmobil. He studied theology from 1993 to 1996. He met the prettiest flower in Switzerland in April 1996, and married her in 2002 in South Africa, and a year later once again, in Switzerland.
Het received his diploma in film and video technology at the Motion Picture Academy in Pretoria in 2003.
In Ungeheuerlich Black was the director, cameraman, responsible for light and sound, as well as al the editing.
When he is not watching at least 20 DVDs a week ,or are busy working on film projects, he tries to draw cartoons, sing, write, or sleep.
"I have this gift (or curse): to see everything from another perspective... this probably has to do with the fact that, as a child, I had to sit in the corner so often with my face turned towards the wall, because I kept shooting my classmates and teacher with rubber bands.
These days I'm still shooting, but with my camera, wether it's with or without a tripod."


the actors

Yuriko Caluori Yuriko Caluori, was born in the hospital in Chur. He also grew up there.
He was a very shy kid, rather silent in an uncomfortable sort of way. Nothing pointed to the fact he would one day enter the world of the stage and screen. Nevertheless, it happened.
10 years ago he stepped on the stage.
Since then he played in numerous larger and smaller roles in different theater groups: The Theater Society of Rhäzüns/Bonaduz, Theater Grischun and FRECH (Freilichtspiele Chur).
In January 2005 he tried his hand at theater directing for the first time, in a farce from the French actress/director Coline Serreau. Information: www.theater-rb.ch.
Asked about his further plans, he replied:" I hope that this film will not be my only debut." When not acting or dressing weirdly, he educates the young minds of the future, the grade 1 class in the town of Bonaduz.
Meggie Müller grew up in Pfullingen, Germany, together with three siblings.
She discovered her love for acting as a child, but never found the oppertunities to act upon these impulses. Maybe that's why she always acted like a clown.
Some time later she got the opportunity to join the international Christian theater group called Covenant Players, and toured with them for 4 years. She performed in different European countries, as well as all over the US.
This was an interesting and rich learning experience, but also very demanding. She married a Swiss acountant and landed in a small mountain. The acting slipped into the background and she only gave little performances now and then.
Through some coincidence she came to know a certain fellow with the name West Black.. "I had no idea what was going to hit me befor I said yes to play in this movie, and I certainly wasn't the only one! But I can honestly say, in spite of cold feet and almost frostbite in my fingers, this whole experience turned out to be incredible fun!
Meggie Müller
Tibert Keller Tibert Keller, www.tibert.ch, grew up in Chur, and lives in Trin and Bonaduz, but not at the same time.
He is an eager journalist/excellent photographer/retired station master/professional amateur actor.
While West Black and Yuriko Caluori was location scouting, they stumbled upon Tibert's cottage in the Rhine gorge in the small town of Trin. Because he rarely says no when something interesting comes his way, he said yes, and landed a role in Ungeheuerlich.
Whilst filming he experienced great joy, but also annoyance, but the latter had vanished when he saw the finished film for the first time.
"My best memory of the whole wacky adventure remains the cold, wet and sticky dog food West stuck to my head, and the the innumerable times I had to walk with the fork from the kitchen into the parlor. And also, you can get it if you really want it. What are you waiting for?" We asume he was referring to fame.
Andreas Item, www.photo-item.ch, grew up and resides largely in Bonaduz, Switzerland.
Among his two passions is the many sorrows he shares with his girlfriend, and his love for comics.
Without any aid from the government or natural giftings from God, he practically made a romp in each "artistic" branch known to man. Actually he had to play the role of a corpse in this movie. However, somehow, during the filming he became alive again, and his roll became increasingly bigger until he ended up playing the lead.
"So far I played in one theater piece, and in one movie. But even I can see the limits of my acting super powers, and I think from now on I'll rather step behind the camera and try my hand at producing - but in the same breath I should add, this entire production, especially the days we were shooting, I had bags and bags full of fun!"
Andreas Item
Alisha Ashley Tschuor Alisha Ashley Tschuor, was born and lives in Chur, Switzerland. She's Swiss/American and speak both languages fluently.
She is an energy bundle, full of joy and the funniest kid since that little black guy who played in I.Q.
She lives out her creativity through music, dancing, and acting. She had recently discovered with much excitement and to her parents woe that she really digs to play the drums.
So far she performed in some kiddie-musicals and the Mini-Playback Show on Swiss TV. She helped out in a short scene in Ungeheuerlich.
"My dream is to become a movie actress one day, or a dancer in a big musical".


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