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press report & showings

TV Premiere
Chur, Switzerland
December 2005 (Cable/Satellite)
Horror night
Spiez, Switzerland
May 2005 (Film Festival)
First Public Showing
Bonaduz, Switzerland
December 2004 (OTHER)
Night Horror Film
Chur, Switzerland
February 2005 (Culturehouse Werkstatt)




"Something Monstrous in the Rhine Valley"
Bündner Tagesblatt (December 23, 2004)

Full of ideas, a couple of written notes, and the feeling for a creepy atmosphere: That is how the short film “Ungeheuerlich” (Monstrous) came into being.
Tomorrow is the premiere - Written by Juscha Casaulta

“Money fixes a lot of problems, but it doesn’t beat creativity” says Wessel swart, the 30 year old from Bonaduz. With the smallest of budgets he pulled it off to shoot a 25 minute shortfilm.
With a mini DV camera, a lot of ideas, a couple of notes, four actors (Andreas Item, Meggie Müller, Tibert Keller and Yuriko Caluori), a fitting location in the Rhine Valley and two days of shooting, he made the dark fairy tale “Ungeheuerlich”.
Inspired by his grandfather: In a suspenseful and entertaining way, the movie tells the story about a musical family. The mother falls into a deep depression after a tragic accident, and doesn’t want to sing anymore. The husband does not want to give up on his dreams to become a star, and tries to pull his wife out of her black hole employing a radical, monstrous method. Wessel Swart (a.k.a. West Black) was the director and cameraman, and also responsible for the lighting, sound and editing. He got the idea for “Ungeheuerlich” from his grandfather. “He told me a lot of scary stories, and many of these pictures stayed in my head”. His grandfathers stories had a lot of atmosphere, and it was this atmosphere that Swart wanted to capture in his film.
Swart is also fascinated by fairytales. He finds it interesting that many fairytales are quite brutal; stories one shouldn’t actually tell children. But ironically, children love to hear these stories.
“Ungeheuerlich” was shot without a script. “The actual story actualy only came later, in the editing”. This short is Wessel Swart’s first effort in moviemaking since filmschool.
Born in Pretoria He grew up in Pretoria, and studied theology after school. After that he attended the Motion Picture Academy in Pretoria. – he found film to be the best medium to live out his creativity; for him it combines all the art forms.
He finished his studies receiving a diploma in Film and Video Technology. His dream is to become a director.
He has been living in Bonaduz (Switzerland) now for two years, where his wife is a teacher.
His goal is to make at least one motion picture every year. “I still have a lot of ideas”.
The Bonaduzer is looking for people who are interested in working in front of or behind the camera on his next project (Contact: http://ungeheuerlich.georgehuxley.ch)