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"The movie that almost ended before it started"
Anecdote 1:
Ungeheuerlich (German for Monstrous), an atmospheric, dark tale about a man trying to "shock" his wife out of her depression, had an almost darker tragedy preluding it... it almost never got made.
The night before shooting, director West Black took some camera equipment down to the little wooden house where principal photography was going to take place the next morning.
Coming from South Africa, and having no experience with snow and subsequently no winter tyres on his car, he was ill prepared when going down the slippery mountain road in the woods of Trin, Switzerland.
His car skidded out of control, and he would've slipped right off the mountain if he didn't miracuously ended up against a wooden railing that seemed to appear out of nowhere.
He had to wake up an unfriendly Swiss farmer, and convince him at 2 o 'clock in the morning in terrible German, to tow his car 10 miles up the mountain, back to the main road.


Anecdote 2:
Not used to the punctuality of the Swiss trains, he almost caused the death of one of the actors when a train came from the opposite direction missing the acor by two seconds.
The director had to phone the railway service and apologise to the machinist for almost causing his heart attack.